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Total Medical Therapy


Physical Therapy

Our highly-trained clinical team utilizes a variety of evidence-based treatment and manual therapy techniques to create an individualized plan that will give you the advantage in recovery.

Women’s Health

The emphasis of the health sciences on fitness and wellness has brought to women’s attention a need to pay closer attention to their bodies during recreation, work, and throughout life.

Sports Medicine

The athlete. The worker. The performing artist. Total Medical comprehensive and industry-leading Sports Medicine Program is designed to meet the physical demands of everything you do.


Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are the result of problems with your jaw, its joint and the surrounding muscles. This can lead to painful clicking or locking of the jaw when talking or chewing, headaches, neck pain and even shoulder pain.

Work Health

Select Physical Therapy has a dedicated team of workers’ compensation professionals providing solutions for injured workers through prevention, management, treatment and case closure.

Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema develops when lymphatic vessels are damaged or lymph nodes are removed (secondary), or when lymphatic vessels are impaired or missing (primary). Although lymphedema is not curable, research shows physical and occupational therapy can dramatically decrease the symptoms of lymphedema so you can return to enjoying your everyday activities.


The Perometer sensors are installed in a frame that is moved over the object to be measured. Two mesurement arrays are placed in a 90 degree direction to each other. Each of them determines an object diameter and its position inside the frame. When the frame is moved manually the diameters and positions are determined in short distances along the object. The collected data is not influenced by the position of the measurement object in the frame.

Perometers are optimized for easy handling. A computer allows to control the measurement unit easily. The collected data can be saved, supervised and analyzed optionally. Of course it is possible to export the Perometer data for further use into other programs such as word processing programs or other standard software.


Thanks to its non-invasive, non-traumatic and highly effective approach, DEEP OSCILLATION has the following positive effects on the treated tissue:

Muscles Are Relaxed

Alleviation of Pain is Enhanced

Mobility is Promoted

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Compression Therapy

Compression Garmets

Whether it’s being engaged in daily activities or spending time doing the things you really love, like traveling, being outdoors or participating in your favorite hobbies, you can continue to engage in daily activities while receiving the therapeutic benefits of compression.

Compression Bras

The compression bra is a superbly technical product that aids healing and recovery after Breast Surgery. Designed to be used by the surgeon on the operating table immediately after surgery and then worn during the recovery period this bra has been hailed by Breast Care nurses and patients alike as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of post-surgery bras.

Ready Wrap System

Your ReadyWrap™ is designed to be an easy and effective alternative to elastic compression garments or multi-layered bandaging.

Lympha Press

If you have lymphedema, you deserve effective and convenient treatment. Here you will find information about our Lympha Press® systems, treatment for lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiency, and lymphedema links and resources.